A Holistic Rx for Well-being

I've come up with a short list of things that I think make for holistic well-being. These are activities, or aspects, or areas of life to which we should attend in order to experience physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. There are probably lots of different ways to say these things, but I've found this list works well for me.

1. Prayer/Meditation: Regularly engaging with God in prayer. Thinking about God, and all things in relation to God.

2. Scripture reading: Both bible study and devotional readings. I read to nourish my mind/soul with truth, and in order to seek the Lord.

3. Worship: Offering to God praise, thanks, and myself. Listening to God, usually in the context of a community gathering of believers. This corporate aspect isn't possible during the pandemic (COVID19), but hopefully will be possible again soon!

4. Community: Investing in friendships, seeking to encourage and draw encouragement from other people. Looking for ways to serve others is often the best way to move out of our own heads (or distress or anxiety or fear), and into a more life-giving way of being.

5. Art: To flourish, the soul needs more than just the basics of life. We need practices and mediums that explicate and celebrate the true, good, beautiful, just, and gracious.

6. Sleep: I mean both rest from work and daily sleep. The body needs it to operate at a healthy capacity while awake. We are creatures of body and soul. We must care for our whole selves.

7. Eating healthy food: same principle as above. Our spiritual health isn't disconnected from our physical health. It's hard to feel happiness in Christ when our bodies are fighting against the food we eat. Of course, some of us have sick bodies, and we can't do anything about it (such as battling disease). Yet even then, eating healthy food is more likely to help us feel better than eating unhealthy food.

8. Exercise: Many of us don't move as much as we should (depending on our work). Exercise energizes and strengthens the body. It also elevates our mood, and has countless other benefits. Sometimes the thing we need most is a walk outside.

I could write an essay on each of these. This is just a quick summary. What are some ways that you are pursuing holistic health? Are there any practices or categories you would add?

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