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Rev. Jonathan Huggins, Ph.D., serves as the Chaplain at Berry College, which is located in Northwest Georgia. He is also an Adjunct Professor of Religion at Berry. He received his academic and ministerial training at Shorter College (B.S.), Wheaton College Graduate School (M.A.), Reformed Theological Seminary (M.A.R), and the University of Stellenbosch (Ph.D.). Huggins is ordained in the Anglican Church in North America.

Check out his Academia page and read his full CV here.

Huggins has been married to Lisa (Berry '00) since 2001. They have three children. Follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

The Office of the Chaplain is very active in the Berry College community. Check out the spiritual podcast for short sermons and visit the office YouTube for more virtual content. The Office of the Chaplain can also be found on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.



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